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Isn’t it interesting how quickly a “food trend” comes about? The avocado market skyrocketed in demand ever since Los Angeles decided “Avocado Toast” would be the next big thing. People all over the country jumped on the bandwagon, and now you can go just about anywhere and order deluxe avocado toast with all kinds of bells and whistles.


The same trend seems to have come along with celery as of late. You don’t often watch people jump when they see celery. Yes, many people cook with it as it is a fantastic basein many dishes, but it isn’t a vegetable that many enjoy raw, fresh off the stalk. Perhaps you’ve tried to get your kiddos to enjoy celery sticks with peanut butter – been there, done that. But let’s be honest – it’s usually not the celery they like, but the extra peanut butter to cover up the “greenie” taste.

So when celery juice started trending not long ago, many people laughed it off. Juicing and drinking straight celery juice? No thanks. But to many people’s surprise, the trend hasn’t slowed down for a minute. From social media to hitting the large news stations talk shows, the medicinal benefits of fresh celery juice have been hard to look past. The evidence is there – and thousands upon thousands of people have testimonies as to how celery juice has changed their quality of life with autoimmune diseases, eczema, thyroid issues and much, much more.


Before we dig into more of the specifics of the celery juice craze, let’s talk about the plant itself and set ourselves up with as much information as possible before we, ourselves jump on the trend. Interestingly enough, celery stems from the Apiaceae family, categorized along with parsnips, parsley, and other root vegetables. The good thing about the celery plant itself is that there are not any bells and whistles to get caught up in. It’s a simple, healthy plant, packed with health benefits. Some of the primary health benefits we see from celery consumption a significant lowering of inflammation in the body, aiding in reducing blood pressure, anti-cancer properties stemming from the flavonoid, luteolin, and much more. The University of Maryland Medical Center has studied the endless benefits of celery in regards to arthritis, muscle spasms, water retention, and the average cold or flu.


All of these increased health benefits from celery stalk intake would make sense as the plant is packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients. Along with the well-known dietary fiber, the multitude of vitamins and minerals make celery the perfect snack. Since celery is mainly composed of water, you can imagine what a great substitute it is for crackers, bread, and other snacks to dip with and nibble on.


One of the most important things to know when it comes to celery is the best time frame for consumption. Celery is a vegetable that is best consumed promptly, as the properties that make celery so wonderful are most potent early on. It is recommended to consume the celery within 5-7 days of purchase. Just as it is recommended not to cut celery until right before consumption, the same applies to those who make fresh celery juice. Once the fibrous plant has been cut into, you are much closer to losing the fresh antioxidants and nutrients the longer you wait to use it.


When you go to pick out your celery stalks, be sure and find a stalk that looks crisp and will “snap” when pulled apart. This indicates freshness and sturdiness of the nutrient-packed plant. The leaves should be a pale green and should not have any discoloration. It is essential to inspect your celery before purchase if you want to receive all of the benefits the green gems brings to the table!


Let’s round back up to the celery juice craze and look more into the research behind it. The Medical Medium seems to be the leader of the trend and has many, many stories and testimonies to back his theories and work. It is said that fresh celery juice does wonders for chronic and mystery illnesses. One of the significant benefits of the fresh juice for the body is the mineral salts’ ability to starve pathogens in the body. Aside from all of this, freshly made celery juice helps to balance your body’s PH levels, and even helps with overall body emotions, since fear starts within our gut, and celery juice is meant to attack all that is leaky or bad in the gut.

To begin seeing immediate benefits to your body, it is recommended to drink 16 ounces of freshly juiced celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. It is important to note that it is not recommended to add in any other ingredients to your juice, such as cucumbers or carrots. It must be straight celery juice to perform all the benefits within your body. It is also very important to drink the juice as soon after it is juiced as possible. Just as it is important to eat the celery close to the time when you cut into it to prevent losing vital nutritional benefits, celery juice is that much more potent in regards to the body receiving the benefits.


This sure sounds like a “food trend” worth trying if you ask us!

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